Confidentiality Policy

All staff and volunteers at Link Up and Women of Worth are required to sign a “Declaration of Confidentiality” as follows -

Shetland Link Up provides a confidential service; nothing of a personal or confidential nature learned from clients of the service will be disclosed to anyone without their permission.

Because of the nature of the project, a responsible attitude is required with regard to risks. There are circumstances where it may be necessary to break confidentiality for the safety of a client or members of the public. Such breaches of confidentiality will be limited to:

a. Members of the medical profession directly related to Shetland Link Up or the person involved (i.e. GP, Psychiatrist or CPN).

b. Members of the social care service (i.e. the person’s social worker or the duty social worker).

c. In cases where a third party is believed to be in danger of harm, the police may be contacted and given information which is limited to the immediate situation (background information may be obtained by the police from the medical and social services).

Some examples of reasons to break confidentiality are:

a. The person expresses a wish and intention to commit suicide or serious self-harm.

b. The person expresses the intention to, or admits to having abused a child.

c. The person expresses a wish and intention to cause physical injury to someone else.

I have read and understand this document and agree to adhere to it.


All clients of our services are assured that their right to privacy and confidentiality will be upheld and that they may attend our groups with confidence.

This policy of confidentiality extends to communications by telephone or email. Our email accounts are protected by passwords and accessible to staff members only. If you have particular concerns about confidentiality, we would be happy to discuss them with you with a view to protecting your interests.

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