Following the success of last year’s holiday to Montrose, we followed the same formula: one house (not two), in the autumn (not the Spring) and using public transport only. Travel passes meant that the buses and ferry were free for some of us, and the travel experience added to the ‘normality’ of the event. Our house is to the left, the picture below is a fancy hotel by the river Dee. A little beyond our resources!

In the garden were flowers for two of us to arrange, and enough plums for two days’ worth of plum crumble. Mmmm - lovely!






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The house we rented, called “The Coyles” suited our needs very well indeed. It was only a 5 minute walk from the village centre, and close to the bus station. There were three lounges (two with satellite TV), a dining room, a large kitchen and a garden

The local church had some beautiful stained glass windows. One was of the river, another of St Margaret. She was eaten by a dragon. She was so pure, it made the dragon ill when it swallowed her!