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Shetland Link Up Supporting Recovery from Mental Distress

8 Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0AN
Tel: (01595) 693313 Email: shetland_linkup@tiscali.co.uk

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Shetland Art Psychotherapy
This service has ended.

Women of Worth
This service has ended.

Shetland Community Bike Project
A great opportunity to learn a new skill

Moving On Project
Help in finding, keeping or returning to employment

Shetland Health Board
Useful info - like how to email your GP or CPN

Shetland Islands Council
The website for news and info about the SIC

Shetland Citizens Advice Bureau
Information and help about benefits, ill-health in the workplace, debt problems, etc.

Sexual Abuse Survivors
Website of Shetland SAS group.

Breathing Space
Free, confidential help-line

Local and National Numbers

The Volunteer Centre
Interested in becoming a volunteer at Link Up or any other organisation in Shetland? Start here!

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Outlook Express emails, settings, address
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Dundee Hearing Voices Group
Are you a voice-hearer? You will definitely find this site worth visiting

Hearing Voices Group
This group meets at Link Up. Want to find out more?

Mind Your Head
Mind Your Head is a Shetland charity formed to raise awareness, reduce stigma and provide self-help resources. More info here.