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Shetland Link Up Supporting Recovery from Mental Distress

8 Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0AN
Tel: (01595) 693313 Email: shetland_linkup@tiscali.co.uk

What's New?

Peer Support The concept of peer support probably began in the 1930’s with Alcoholics Anonymous, which operated under the principle that persons who had experienced and overcome alcoholism would be more effective in assisting others who were trying to do the same. The idea proved to be sound as the long-term success of the organization proves. The same principle has been applied in countless self-help groups since, but until recently this type of support was only found in voluntary and unpaid contexts, that is, no-one was actually employed as a peer support worker. Link Up was the first organisation in Scotland to employ peer support workers (since October 2007). Sadly, dwindling funding has meant that we cannot afford to fill vacancies, and at present we have no peer support workers.

Hearing Voices Group This support group for people who hear voices meets at Link Up on alternate Thursdays from 2.30pm-4pm. Work is in progress to develop a poster, leaflet and web pages. Click here for more information.

Link Up Holiday 2010
Our most recent group holiday was to Ballater in Royal Deeside. We rented and shared a large self-catering house in the village. Click on the link to see four pages of photos from the holiday.

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Crisis Response Pilot Project “Lifeline” started on October 1st 2008, ended March 31st 2010. Click here for a PDF of the Project Evaluation Report.

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The Art Therapy service sadly closed on 31st March 2010 due to funding from Shetland Charitable Trust not being approved. We still hope that this service will be re-launched and will announce any news here.

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