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Shetland Link Up Supporting Recovery from Mental Distress

8 Commercial Street, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0AN
Tel: (01595) 693313 Email: shetland_linkup@tiscali.co.uk

Why Link Up?

At some time in our lives, most of us go through difficult experiences.

Perhaps we have pressures on us that we can hardly bear, but whatever the cause, the result may be worries, stress, and fears.

These things can spill over and affect our whole lives. Spoiling relationships and robbing us of the ability to enjoy anything we do.

We can feel lonely, isolated, and that no one knows, understands or cares.
As a result, we withdraw into ourselves.

It’s normal for bad experiences to affect us emotionally. Sometimes our physical and mental health can suffer too. But how can we recover?

Part of the answer may be solving problems… but some problems aren’t easy to solve. Your doctor will offer help. But we have found that it is also important to be able to go somewhere safe, friendly and accepting.

At such times it is important to be able to talk about our feelings to someone who won’t argue with us, who won’t think we are weak or stupid, and won’t make things worse.

Someone who will accept us for who we are and give us time and space to be ourselves.

Oh yes, and who won’t repeat anything we say to anyone else, unless we agree.

We need a place -


To talk and share our feelings if we want to… but not if we don’t.


A place we can make new friends… but not be under any pressure to do so.


A place we can come and go as we please, with no appointments, no waiting.


A place we can join in a game of dominoes, pool, scrabble, etc. Or not as we wish.

We used to invite people to just turn up and drop-in, but we understand that it’s really hard to walk into a room full of people you don’t know. So just contact us by EMAIL, phone or write. We’ll write (or phone) back, tell you more, answer your questions and arrange to meet you – when you’re ready, on your terms. We really want to help, so

Don’t give up… Link Up!